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Ribbons on the Rise: A Shopping Guide for the Newest Coquette Looks

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Many styles have come and gone recently. From the 90’s grunge look making a comeback, to the athleisure so many of us enjoy (I have a lot of 9:00 am classes!), we’ve seen a diverse array of styles throughout the years. However, a personal favorite of mine lately has been the coquette look. The definition of coquette is essentially just flirtatious; a hyper-feminine energy translated through one’s fashion and makeup. In celebration of this adorable look, I’ve created a lookbook that includes all the wonderful aspects of coquette that I hope to incorporate into my wardrobe. 


An essential part of the coquette look is the dresses, mostly because they are easiest to pair with numerous accessories, and convey a very flirtatious, feminine aura. I’ve especially taken a liking to the dainty, silk dresses that have become abundant at stores. The Maribel Lace Up Corset Mini Dress from Oh Polly accentuates the waist while maintaining a minimalistic look that can be paired with some short heels or Mary Jane shoes. Another favorite find is the Lovers and Friends Cassandra Slip Dress, which is once again, silky, simple, and adorable. The idea is to look simplistic but also put-togther, and these dresses exude an effortless charm.


As far as tops go, I would say a good rule is to be on the more conservative side and incorporate accents of see-through materials such as lace. Another note to add is that the layering of tops with a lace or bow bra peeking through is right down the alley of the coquette embodiment. I think the Jiniso Crop Top from Motel Rocks is a great example of bows being included in the outfit as well. For a more puffy, fancy look, the Live it Up Cami from Free People can truly dress-up any outfit. Lastly, the Keira Blouse from Anthropologie gives off a similar look to the Live it Up Cami, with some puffy sleeves and accentuation of the waist. Tops can be anything from a dainty tank top, to a dressier blouse, but should be able to be paired well with a staple skirt or nice pants.


Skirts are a MUST for the coquette look. I know what you may be thinking—skirts can be a hassle. But not to worry, these skirts are very simple and easy for an everyday type of look. The first skirt I would like to spotlight is the Motel Istari Mini Skirt from Urban Outfitters. This skirt subtly includes the popular bow associated with coquette, and honestly looks quite comfy for classes and errands. However, if you’re looking for more of a dainty look, the Baby Pink Pleated Tennis Skirt from Gold Hinge is the way to go. This skirt is very simplistic, and who doesn’t love pink?! I am a big culprit when it comes to denying skirts from my wardrobe, but these are adorable and very practical for any setting.

shoes and socks

One thing I love about the coquette look is its defined shoe and sock characteristics. With a lot of other looks, I feel awkward trying to find what shoes to pair. But lucky for you, coquette has some very defined shoe looks for you to rock. Mary Janes are an absolute staple for this trend, as they are feminine, add some height, and pair well skirts and dresses. With the Mary Janes, some cute ruffle socks really pull the look together. I have been sure to link some simple Ruffle Ribbed Crew Socks from Urban Outfitters. Along with socks, leg warmers have made an ultimate comeback (my mom would have never guessed). The leg warmers are a great way to warm up while still wearing a skirt since these IV winters have been so cold. On top of that, I have not had a time where I don’t get complimented while wearing leg warmers. Moral of the story is, dressing up in the shoe and sock area truly ties together a coquette look.


Dressing an outfit up with accessories is always the way to go. Lately, I have been loving Evry Jewels. Not only do they have very affordable pricing, but their pieces never miss as far as the latest styles. You can find quite a few necklaces that embrace the coquette look. Any vintage-looking jewelry fits the look, as well as the inclusion of hearts on earrings, necklaces, and rings. Accentuating the neck is very important with the coquette style, as it is meant to be dainty but eloquent. Along with the jewelry, I love the hair bows that Amazon carries. Adding some hair accessories really conveys that girly energy and dresses up any outfit.


While I have no links to include for the makeup look, I do have some tips for when you want to pull together an entire look by serving some face. The first necessity is blush. Blush will save you when you want to attain a feminine flirty look, as it really warms the face and accentuates the cute aspects of ones face. Along with blush, long lashes and highlighters in small amounts will work wonders. The goal of the coquette makeup look is to appear natural, fresh, and put together. While the makeup look shouldn’t be too heavy, it’s something to play with. Another important aspect of the look is lip gloss. A glossy lip looks clean and also takes very little effort to achieve. This idea ties in with the already-popular natural makeup look. I would say that is the best look to base your coquette experiments on.

I personally think the coquette look is the perfect way to not only look absolutely adorable, but also embrace your femininity. Being a girly-girl can be fun sometimes, especially when you want to add some flare to your look but don’t want to try too hard. Coquette can look good on anyone, so it’s worth giving a try. I hope this style guide has inspired you, and I hope to see some of these looks being rocked on campus!

Brooke is a second year Economics major at UCSB who is also working on double majoring in Communication. In her free time, you can catch her spending a long day at the beach with friends, or binge watching Vogue Beauty videos (especially the Kendall Jenner ones). Although she is not used to writing for an audience, she is ecstatic to see where HerCampus takes her throughout her college career and beyond.