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The Reality of Keeping Up With High School Friends

Whether you loved high school or not, high school friends are different than any other type of friends you make in your life. These are the people who grew up with you, watched you evolve through the awkward teenage years, were there for the birthdays, holidays, and long days at school. They were the gym locker buddies, prom dates, frenemies, first loves, best friends, and classmates. Although high school may have been painful at times, hanging out was effortless and time, back then, seemed endless.

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After high school, whether you were the brain or the athlete, the basket case or the princess, everyone branches off into different lives; new experiences quite often means new people. You start to form different schedules and become busy with different events, clubs, and work, and those people who once meant the world become harder to maintain as you grow older and find your own path. Just initiating the conversation, sending a simple how-are-you text or making plans to catch up over break can revive a friendship. But still, there are always the ones you never see after graduation, those you makes promises with to hang out, but never actually do, and the ones who gradually, and quietly, disconnect.

I found that while it is heartbreaking to leave familiar people and places, sometimes it is better to move on. We and our relations with other people grow and change with time and it may not be so terrible to let certain relations fade out. The ones that do last, and do endure the difficulties of distance and time, however, is the most valuable kind of relationship.

Dede Ahn

UCSB '20

Dede is a first year English major at UCSB. 
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