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Personal Safety: Self Defense Tools That Will Protect You

You never know what may be around the corner. Your safety is a top priority. If you are ever find yourself in a dangerous, threatening, or suspicious situation, it is essential to possess at least one of the tools listed below. Do not let yourself go another day without one of these self defense devices on hand. Only use the featured weapons if you truly are in danger. No matter how playful some of these weapons seem, they are not toys and can inflict serious injury. Here are six self defense tools that will protect you in various situations. 


My Kitty Plastic Self-Defense Keychain $8.99 

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Not only is this keychain cute and lightweight, but it can pack a punch. This keychain can easily be attached to a set of keys with no setup necessary. Every aspect of the keychain is intentional. The ears are sharp as knives and will cause damage with little strength. For a firm grip, your fingers go inside the eyes to ensure the security of your hold. To see the damage these cats can inflict, check out this video demonstrating its potential on melons. My Kitty Plastic Self-Defense Keychain is available online. 

Terminator Stun Gun with Flashlight $10  

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Though this tool may seem a bit intimidating, it can be necessary in some threatening situations. Although the name “terminator stun gun” can sound a bit intense, it could be the weapon that saves your life. Because it is also a flashlight, you can hold it and if presented with a dangerous encounter you could be able to defend yourself with ease. The sound of the weapon alone can scare the assailant off, giving you time to seek help. A stun gun is no joke and can cause serious injury. The Terminator Stun Gun with Flashlight is available on Amazon. 

Undercover Colors: Drink Spiking Tests $14.99 

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According to study done by the journal Psychology of Violence, “1 in 13 college students has been drugged, or suspected they were drugged.” Spiking a drink is a serious issue and it is one that you can prevent. These drink spiking tests are small and can easily attach to your keys or on an adhesive accessory on your phone. It is now easier than ever to protect yourself. Undercover colors sells them in packs of three, five, and ten. Once you use it, the results appear as fast as thirty seconds to three minutes. Undercover Colors: Drink Spiking Tests is available on Undercover Colors’ website.   

SABRE Red Lipstick Pepper Spray $7.99

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Do not let the package of this device fool you, this weapon possesses police strength pepper spray. Pepper spray is a great way to buy yourself time when being attacked, allowing you a chance to run and get help. It can shoot up to ten feet and contains ten bursts of spray. Because of its clever packaging, the pepper spray will never accidentally go off in your bag. Each purchase includes a free training video on Amazon. Even if you do not use it, having it in your bag will provide you comfort that if danger presented itself, you’d be prepared. SABRE Red Lipstick Pepper Spray is available on Amazon.   

Personal Alarm Keychain $12.99

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If pepper spray is too violent for you, this is great alternative. At 140DB, this alarm will not go unheard and will be sure to get everyone’s attention. Attach it to your purse or keychain for easy access. If you feel in danger, place the small included stick into the designated alarm hole, which sets off it off. The high pitch alarm will allow you to retreat and call for help. It is a way to startle the assailant while also alarming others of the dangerous situation. This device also includes a small flashlight. The Personal Alarm Keychain is available on Amazon. 

BSafe App FREE

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BSafe includes groundbreaking features that will make you feel safer. This app is more than a location tracker. It also includes live streaming, fake calls, and a siren-like alarm. Once you activate SOS mode, either by touch or voice, your phone will begin recording with audio. It will be sent to the guardians listed within your account. It also allows you to receive fake calls. A fake call could help you get out of a threatening situation because it allows you to remove yourself. With BSafe, you are never alone. There are many features within the app that could help anyone in danger. BSafe is free and can save your life— get it today. 

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