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Party with Jay: Great Gatsby Soundtrack

Scandalous. It’s a word synonymous with Gatsby, and now with the lust-worthy soundtrack to the upcoming film. When you think of huge Blockbuster movies, the soundtrack is rarely the most exciting part. But, when The Great Gatsby hits theaters later this month, the Baz Luhrmann spectacular will boast one of the most impressive soundtracks to date. Instead of sticking to a time-accurate soundtrack of jazz music, the movie utilizes music giants such as Beyonce, Jay Z, and Andre 3000 to create the feeling of badass luxury that Gatsby was all about.

Fergie, Lana Del Rey, the xx, Sia, Goyte, and will.i.am all appear. It looks more like the iTunes Top 100 list rather than a movie soundtrack, doesn’t it? The standout track has to be from Florence and the Machine, Over the Love. Her voice seems to come from the 1920’s and fits in perfectly with the tragic love story of Daisy and Gatsby. A ballad for the heartbroken and love-triangle dwellers, the song seems to capture the beauty of the movie as well as the inevitable catastrophic end for the players.

Another standout track has to be Sia’s Kill and Run. The romance and glamour of the movie doesn’t last, as the harsh reality of their actions come down on the characters. Sia’s track perfectly sums up their fates. The soundtrack seems to cover everything–glamour, love, heartache, betrayal, lust, and loss.

Some tracks are original for the soundtrack, like Fergie’s A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, while others, like Goyte’s Hearts a Mess, was handpicked to complete the album. Traveling back in time to old Jack White tracks and creating new covers and original tracks is what makes this album so sublime. Taking all old songs can make a soundtrack seem useless, while all original songs can be low quality and seem too perfect for the story line.

While the album has yet to be released, the public can’t seem to get enough, and leaked versions of the songs are filling up Youtube just long enough for them to be removed for copyright. This unparalled soundtrack is creating a lot of hype, proving that the music can make or break a movie.

This should be expected from the musical masterpieces that Baz has created before,, with Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet. His ability to take modern music and add it to a classic story is making the film accessible for generations that previously would have been blind to the artistic wonders of classic novels or talented rappers. It’s safe to say with an all-star cast, fantastic direction, and a soundtrack that couldn’t be more fantastic, The Great Gatsby is going to make a killing at the box office. All generations are going to wanna party with Jay.   

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