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One Direction: From “This is Us” to This Is It?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.

If you keep up with all things One Direction, then you’re likely aware that last week Niall Horan caught everyone off guard by releasing his new single, “This Town,” unannounced. The heartfelt, folk ballad features nothing else but Horan’s voice and his guitar. The boyband member received nothing but love and support from fans and fellow celebrities alike.

Horan is not the only member taking on a solo project, however. Zayn Malik, who formally addressed his quitting the band back in March of last year, found success with the release of his recent album “Mind of Mine.” Likewise, other 1D member Liam Payne, posted this picture onto his Instagram feed after signing with Capitol Records.

Meanwhile, Harry Styles kept busy for the past few months filming an epic war movie called Dunkirk – to be released some time next year, according to online magazine, Inverse. More recently, he wrapped up a photo shoot for the fashion magazine, Another Man

The oldest member of the group, Louis Tomlinson has his hands full with his infant son. With all the boys branching out into their own projects, many fans feel as though their temporary hiatus will inevitably result in the band’s break up. To all my fellow One Direction fans, I totally feel ya. The thought of never seeing the boys perform on-stage together any time soon, or if at all, is worrisome. But in the meantime, enjoy the individual projects each one has to offer – even if that means they all go solo and you have to buy tickets to five separate concerts (RIP to our bank accounts). The things we do for boybands, smh. 

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