New Ride Sharing App for Women

I recently learned about a new ridesharing app, SafeHer, that is in the process of being developed. Being a woman who is often afraid to order an Uber or Lyft ride by herself, I was intrigued and did some research about it.

SafeHer, previously named Chariot for Women, is created by Michael and Kelly Pelletz, a married couple from Boston, Massachusetts. Michael was an Uber driver for some time, while his wife, Kelly, was discouraged from joining because she did not feel safe. This, along with a dangerous encounter with a passenger, drove Michael to want to create a company that could provide women with a safe space to both give and get rides.

SafeHer’s drivers are all women who receive background checks and are thoroughly reviewed before being hired. Every day, they will be asked a random security question by the app to ensure their identity. A passenger, either a woman or a child, will be able to see, through the app, who their driver will be with the use of a picture, their license plate number, and make of the car. After requesting the ride, both the driver and the passenger receive a safe word, which will ensure that the user is picked up by the right person.

All of these safety measures aside, SafeHer is also in the business of helping women in other ways. For every ride, 2% of the fare will go toward a women’s charity—to cure diseases, to stop domestic abuse, and to give women equal opportunities—of the passenger’s choosing. During the ride, the passenger will receive a notification with a list of ten charities’ names. They will be given the option to choose one to which they will directly deposit the money with the click of a button.

In the past few weeks, SafeHer has gained traction across the country. This has caused the company to postpone their start of operations in Boston in order to expand to other cities as well. I know that if this service were to be offered in California, I would be very excited to try it out for myself! Hopefully one day this service will be available in every city. More information can be found on their website,