New Netflix Fav: Big Mouth

Have you ever wanted to relive your adolescent years of oozing zits, unexpected monthly visits, and uncomfortable slobbery kisses? Then the Netflix original series, Big Mouth, is for you!

This show takes a look at the most cringe worthy situations kids face in middle school as they go through puberty and are visited by the “Hormone Monster.” I promise it’s as funny, and uncomfortable, as it sounds. This may not be the best show for family entertainment. I definitely don’t want to laugh with my dad at the ill-timed ejaculation of one of the characters, Andrew, while slow dancing with his crush at a school dance. However, Big Mouth is the perfect show to throw on during finals week when you need a study break and a wholehearted laugh.


The plot of each episode has a very relatable (sometimes too relatable) storyline. One of my favorite episodes is when Jessi, who is visited by the hormone monstress, wants to buy a new sexy bra. She goes to Veronica’s Closet with her mom, who she convinces to buy a flashy, red bra for her. The next day when she wears it to school, the boys see her red bra strap and assume she wants their attention. Her instant regret and defiance against her mom’s suggestion to buy a more practical undergarment reflect the reality of many teen girls, who simply want whatever they are told they can’t have. Pshhh, obviously I’ve never done that before…

Usually, I am not a huge fan of animated shows such as American Dad, Family Guy, or even Bob’s Burgers. I’m more of a Gilmore Girls, New Girl, or any other super girly chick flick show kinda gal. Big Mouth, however, was so good that I find myself watching episodes over and over only to continue laughing at the same jokes. So if you are sitting here thinking this show sounds like it wouldn't be up your alley, give it a chance. It’s wild humor, not so innocent love stories, and unique character personalities will have you binge watching before you know it.   

Not to mention, the ghost of musician Duke Ellington randomly lives in one character's attic. What more could you possibly want! There is only one season of 10 episodes currently, but Netflix has confirmed that a second season will be arriving in 2018.