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We’re now midway through spring quarter and that means that spring is finally here! I can’t be the only one that is excited to wake up most mornings only to find the sun brightly shining and my weather app promising a perfect seventy-five degree high. So what’s a girl to wear for these perfect days? Lucky for you, I’ve accumulated some of the best spring trends for you to rock:

1. T-Shirt Dresses

Image via Pinterest

I’m not ashamed to say that I mostly dress for comfort not style, but the great thing about these dresses is that they are 100% comfortable while still looking hella cute. You can dress it up with a nice cardigan and little booties or you can just throw on a jean jacket and Converse (my m.o., if I’m being honest) and look effortlessly amazing.   

2. Mayari-style Birkenstocks

Image via Target

I feel that these are a step-up from the regular Birkenstocks that are everywhere around campus. They give off the great beachy vibe UCSB is known for and fit right in at your horrible 8 AM and at your mimosa-filled Sunday brunch. If these sandals are a little out of your price point (last I checked they were a whopping $75 on Amazon), Target has an amazing pair of Birken-nots (the brand’s name is really Mad Love) sandals that look exactly like their overpriced twin but at a fourth of the price.   

3. Tied-up T-shirts

Image via Pinterest  

Whether you buy them pre-knotted or do it yourself, knotted shirts are everywhere, especially now with the sun out at full force. If you’re like me and look around campus at all the beautifully tied knots and can’t help but wonder, how?! The blog Rosé and Chambray has a helpful tutorial on how to tie those baggy t-shirts you just don’t know how to style but want to pull out for these spring months.  


4. Yellow, the color of Happiness

Image via Pinterest

I don’t know about everyone else, but whenever I see this color around campus I just want to smile. So, I am telling you all to wear this golden yellow color in every piece of clothing (shirts, dresses, purses, I even have a yellow umbrella) and light up someone’s day.    

5. Overalls

Image via Pinterest

This playground staple seems to have made its way to college campuses and I am here for it! Whether they’re long or short or in a skirt style, I love how fun they look. They remind me of those fun playground days even when I’m 21 years old. This fashion piece can also be styled in so many different ways: you can add a pair of heels or dress them down with a pair of sandals.   

6. Bright Round Sunglasses  

Image via Mira Studios

Much like the overalls, these just seem like so much fun to wear! I first really noticed them when the YouTube vlogger Zoella started to wear a pair of round, pink-lensed Ray-Bans during her videos, and I fell in love with them. Now as a round-faced gal, I’m doubtful these glasses will look good on me, so if you’re like me and want to take them for a spin before you commit to the expensive Ray-Bans (or if you never want to commit, that’s fair) Amazon has some great pairs too. I’m currently looking at this pair, but based on my lack of self-control, I’m pretty sure I’ll be placing that Amazon order soon.      


Happy spring!

When SoCal native Lucely Chavez isn't up to her ears in words, she's continuing her mission to find the best coffee ice cream in the world (McConnell's Ice Cream is the current #1). She's currently in her 4th year at UC Santa Barbara where she is majoring in English and minoring in Professional Writing. 
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