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Mother’s Day As A College Student

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.

As students of the quarter system, Mother’s Day can get tricky for us. It falls in the middle of the quarter, which is often an inconvenient time to go home. On Mother’s Day of my freshman year, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt that I had done essentially nothing for my mom. I couldn’t go home at the time, but I had also not thought of anything to compensate for that.

This year, we’re reversing that pattern! If you’re a college student looking to give your mom the love and recognition she deserves while away from home, you’re in the right place. Here’s a few ideas I have come up with to celebrate this upcoming Mother’s Day!

Send her a gift

This one’s for the girlies with a good paycheck (…so not me). While it can be expensive, sending your mom a gift is a great way to go. I know my mom has treated me to a countless number of treats, whether it was an after school ice cream or a new mascara she knew I just had to try. So, it would be nice to reciprocate her thoughtfulness by sending a few goodies you know she can’t resist.

Whether your mom’s kryptonite is chocolate, flowers, or some delicious fruit, it is pretty easy to find something that is shippable but also comes already-presentable. From another area code, it can be a challenge finding something that shows you put in the effort. But any kind of pre-arranged gift is a great idea for when you can’t be there to make it yourself.

write to her

If you’re looking to go with something more sentimental, think about writing to your mom. Each year, I write my parents a new poem on Mother’s and Father’s Day, and let’s just say it brings them to tears every time. While the poems have not always been my best work, my parents really just appreciate the fact that it came from me.

If you’re not so much of a poet, that’s okay, you can still whip up a nice letter! My parents, and I’m sure many others, appreciate something timeless and original like a letter. In my opinion, a letter surpasses a text message since you have to take the time to write it by hand and ship it out. Seeing your handwriting will truly mean a lot to your mom, and I can promise it will be something she keeps in her heart for a very long time. When in doubt, write it out! 

make her a playlist

My family absolutely loves music. You can catch us finding the nearest live band on a Saturday night, or watching an MTV Unplugged segment on the TV. If there’s one thing that can speak to my mom’s heart, it’s music. My mom has always really admired my music taste, especially the parts of it that I got from her. If your mom is anything like mine, make her a playlist! Whether it be 10 or 200 songs, giving your mom some music to celebrate her day is something I find to be extremely thoughtful and intimate even from afar. The best part about a playlist is how personal it can be. Make the cover photo one of you two, title it something along the lines of an inside joke you both share; there are so many ways to get creative and deep through a playlist, and your mom will take in every detail feeling like the most special woman in the world.

Don’t let college stop you from giving your mom the special day she deserves. Taking a little extra time to appreciate your mom amounts to only a fraction of the time she’s given to you. So, I challenge you to show her how much you’ve noticed her efforts and love, and get creative this Mother’s Day! 

Brooke is a second year Economics major at UCSB who is also working on double majoring in Communication. In her free time, you can catch her spending a long day at the beach with friends, or binge watching Vogue Beauty videos (especially the Kendall Jenner ones). Although she is not used to writing for an audience, she is ecstatic to see where HerCampus takes her throughout her college career and beyond.