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Michael Nonni ’13: UCSB Gaucho Qualifies for NCAA Tournament

Michael Nonni, a member of the UCSB Soccer Team gave me the inside scoop on the current season and what is in store for the Gauchos in the next couple of weeks. The UCSB Soccer team has qualified for the NCAA Tournament, which is a tournament eligible for only the top teams in the county.  Make sure to check out the UCSB Men’s Soccer website to find out when the next home game is and come out to support the Gauchos!

Q: How long have you been playing soccer? How long have you been on the UCSB soccer team?
 A: I have been playing soccer since I was 4 and this is my 3rd season on the UCSB Men’s Soccer Team.
Q: What position do you play on the UCSB soccer team?
A: I play forward.
Q: How has the season been going for the team?
A: The season has been going well and we are currently ranked 10th in the country.
Q: I heard that the UCSB soccer team has qualified for the NCAA tournament. Could you please explain a little bit about tournament?
A: The NCAA tournament is a tournament with the top 48 teams in the country. The top 16 teams get a seed and a first round bye. It starts on Thursday and can go until mid-December.
Q: When is the next game?
A: We find out when the next game is on Monday but it will most likely be next Sunday at home.
Q: What is your most memorable moment on the field?
A: My most memorable moment would be winning Nationals with my club team and provincial teams in 2006.

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