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Long Distance Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, and we’re stuck in the middle of midterm season! While most other schools are about to get finals over with, we quarter system children suffer the consequences of starting school so late in the fall. Nevertheless, just because we’re stuck at school for Mother’s Day doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate. Our mothers do so much for us, and that’s something to celebrate–even from hundreds of miles away!


  1. Send a gift

Gifts are a go to for any holiday, especially Mother’s Day! Remember back in grade school when we all made little popsicle-stick frames for our pictures to give to our moms? Gold necklaces, homemade picture frames, or personalized kitchenware, anything works! Go old fashioned and send a handwritten letter, or go all out and send a big bouquet of her favorite flowers; whatever you decide to get your mom, she’ll love–after all, it’s the thought that counts.

  1. Video call

In this day and age, technology allows us to virtually be at home with just a few clicks. Whether it be Facebook, Skype, or Facetime, social media keeps everyone connected–all the time. Give your mom a call and tell her you love her, she’ll appreciate the gesture, even if it’s something as miniscule as a phone call.

  1. Surprise visit home

What greater present than to give some quality time together to your mom for Mother’s Day? For those of us that are actually able to, going home for the weekend is always an option for this holiday. I mean, Mother’s Day is on a Sunday. If you can, why not? Of course your mom wants to spend some time with you!

Kristine is a 3rd year Chemistry major at UC Santa Barbara. She was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. When she's not writing, she works with her sister to create adorable baked delicacies for The Royal Icing, their at-home bakery. She's also a ballerina, lipstick enthusiast, and bunny lover. Post-graduation, she plans on going to graduate school while continuing her writing career. Catch her on instagram @CookiesForKay  
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