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Josh Beauregard-Bell: Man on a Mission

This week’s Campus Celebrity is senior, Josh Beauregard-Bell.  As founder and president of UCSB’s Black Business Association, a CLAS academic skills tutor, a three-year resident assistant, and the director of membership for UCSB’s Communication Association, this San Bernardino native epitomizes the meaning of balancing opportunity, academics, and social life.  As one of UCSB’s most popular faces, Josh has proven that he not only knows how to be the life of the party, but also has a firm grip on becoming a man of all trades.   

How did you end up at UCSB?I ended up at UCSB because I did not get into UCLA to be truthful. UCLA was my dream school and it was the only UC that denied me. Nonetheless, UCSB has been a dream and the ultimate blessing.

Hobbies?My hobbies are to play basketball, say my prayers, hang out with friends, go shopping, exercise, travel, and spend time with family. 

What is your major and why did you choose it?I came into UCSB with the intention of pursuing a business-economics degree, but because they removed the major in 2011 I ultimately chose communication.  Other than that I have had the most fun studying communication, it has been very interesting and is applicable to a variety of different career fields.

What accomplishments are you most proud of at UCSB?I am most proud of being the founder of the Black Business Association (BBA). My idea to create BBA came from my passion for business and entrepreneurship. I felt that there was lack in the amount of access students had to career choices that involve the learning and production of business. I brought BBA to UCSB to help alleviate this lack and facilitate students in learning about marketing, entrepreneurship, and business development. As President, my main focus this year is to help build up the organization in terms of membership, and show people the commitment BBA has to being successful. The events I am most excited about are the Oracle and Target presentations because these are two well-known, established companies that are coming to present on the career opportunities they offer. This will help students gauge the type of jobs that are available and give them a sense of comfort when speaking to future employers.

What are your future pursuits upon graduating?My future plan is to work in sales for a few years and see how well I can progress along that route. I would also love to go back to school to get my Master’s in Business and Administration at USC and eventually run my own company one day. I will accomplish my dreams of being a CEO!

You seem to fit in with a variety of groups, people, and organizations.  How do you balance your boisterous social life with your academic success? What advice can you provide students looking to have an active social life, yet still excel academically?My advice for students to maintain an academic and social life is to find a good balance between the two and remain discipline and committed to that balance. Students should realize that they are at UCSB for a primary purpose – which is to excel in academics and get a degree. There is a time and place for everything! Students should have a list of priorities and discipline themselves to accomplish tasks that are very important, then success will come along.  


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