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Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on all that we’re grateful for. The students here at UCSB are especially grateful for our wonderful, amazingly unique and perfect school. Not sure what to be thankful for? Take inspiration from your fellow undergrads!

Our living situation

It’s incredibly easy to be thankful when you live in the best college town. Isla Vista is full of its own unique charm and character. Don’t live in IV? The residence halls are just as luxurious. The gratitude is seeping off of these students!

“Thankful for the 12am noise ordinance in IV” – Matt Song, Junior

“Love being woken up to by EDM music at 9am!” – Minjae Kim, Sophomore

“So thankful for the proactive first responders who have to stop by IV 5x a day” – Deisha Son, Junior

“I love the sudden rush of euphoria I get when I come home from class and learn that my bike has NOT been stolen. It makes my week about 4 out of 7 days (the other 3 my bike is missing)” – Dylan Wakayama, Sophomore

“Thankful for UCSB’s love for the environment, making parking your car impossible” – Deisha Son, Junior 

“Thankful for the housing crisis that makes my rent 2x more expensive for my cute little apartment” – Alice Park, Senior 

“I love how UCSB’s buses are festive and like to celebrate Halloween by scaring students with their unreliable bus schedules. Line 27 just doesn’t show up half the time, so scary” – Cindy Kim, Junior 

“The free laundry machines, even if I have to kick the washer door open” – Jessica Sucongga, Freshman

Our beautiful beaches

From Campus Point to Manzanita to Sands, UCSB’s beaches are top tier. We have it all—colorful sunsets, scenic picnic spots, and tar!

“Thankful for the eroding bluffs so I can get a better view of the ocean” – Megan Lee, Junior 

“The benches by the ocean to sit and cry when needed with the waves” – Jessica Park, Junior 

“The tar balls from the beach that get on the soles of your feet and the soles of your sandals and your clothes and to your skin and then stick to your sink when you try to rub it off” – Tim Joo, Sophomore

our student experience

We’re incredibly lucky to have bike and skateboard paths all throughout the campus. Who cares if we’re late to class because we got into yet another bike accident? We should also be immensely grateful towards our quarter system– we get so much knowledge in such little time!

“Thankful for the non-existent bike lane between the UCEN [University Center] and ILP [Interactive Learning Pavilion]” – Matt Song, Junior 

“The ILP stairs making sure I have leg days throughout the week” – Jessica Park, Junior

“The beautiful Yerb[a Mate] and Celsius mountains at the Arbor during midterm/final season” – Alethea Choi, Sophomore 

“I’m thankful for the library constantly being full because every week is midterm week” – Heavin Shim, Freshman 

“Thankful for the people in the library that will take a whole large table for themselves during peak busy hours” – Noah Kim, Sophomore

“I love how the quarter is all midterm season” – Ashley Kim, Sophomore

Our Unofficial mascot

I love having furry friends that keep me company on the way back from my 6 pm math section!

“Thankful for the raccoons missing me when they throw trash at people” – Cindy Kim, Junior 

“Seeing a raccoon family walking balk home from the lib late at night after studying” – Jessica Park, Junior

Our real reason for thanksgiving

With all jokes aside, it’s a privilege to live, study, and explore here at UCSB. Our campus is surrounded by beautiful scenery—the ocean on one side and mountains on the other. We have scoop-able ice cream at DLG and Dole Whip at Carrillo. And most importantly, we have pesto pasta chicken at Ortega. Take time to remember your reasons for thankfulness and if you can’t, here are some actual reasons our peers came up with.

“Walking across the lagoon to go eat at Carrillo for their oatmeal raisin cookies” – Ashley Tron, Freshman

“Thankful for the sushi at Portola, my favorite menu by far!” – Alice Park, Senior

“IV Deli and the Arbor for providing me with late night snacks and cravings” – Chloe Choi, Sophomore

The duck couple” – Anonymous

Stay grateful, Gauchos!

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