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I’m Obsessed With Victoria Aveyard’s TikTok

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BookTok, a TikTok niche for readers and writers, has quite the following. While many keeping up with this particular niche are readers, there are quite a few who are actually writers, and among them are published authors like Victoria Aveyard.

For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Victoria Aveyard is a New York Times Best Selling Author known for the Red Queen series and most recently, the Realm Breaker series.

Once I came across her page, I did not hesitate to hit the follow button.

Despite finding success in traditional publishing, her TikTok page is not the same professionally managed social media presence as other authors. Instead, her page is full of relatable content, personal anecdotes, trendy videos, and tips for aspiring writers.

If she is not talking about her upcoming wedding to her fiancé, whom she affectionately refers to as her “partner,” she’s using trending audios and making videos for it.

One of her more recent viral videos is the laptop montage, wherein she shows a collection of photos she feels encompass the aesthetic of her latest series Realm Breaker.


what happens when Lord of the Rings meets Guardians of the Galaxy?

♬ original sound – Valeria Torres

When the author is not teasing readers about the second book in the Realm Breaker series, she’s providing insight into the traditional publishing world. She shares her own personal experiences as a traditionally published writer, as well as provides tips for young writers who are unaware of how the industry works and warns about the possibilities of being scammed.


Reply to @xkgrae yes I will keep repeating myself, never ever pay a publisher or an agent #publishing

♬ original sound – Victoria Aveyard

this is an ongoing and valuable convo – summary: we are not on an even playing field, please be kind to yourself #writertok #authorsoftiktok #yaauthor

♬ original sound – Victoria Aveyard

If Aveyard is not doing either of those things, she’s making “Day in the life” videos or any other type of video that gives her followers an insight into her life and who she is as a person.


another day in the life of a full time author with no actual writing involved

♬ original sound – Victoria Aveyard

Do yourself a favor and follow Victoria Aveyard on TikTok if you’re not already, you will not regret it.

Alexa is a fourth-year English major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Interests include: listening to music, exploring, and reading.