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Scrolling through an endless stream of every single person you know’s Instagram posts of their all-inclusive vacation can be really difficult. It’s hard seeing #CABO2023 every time you refresh your homepage while you are stuck at home binge-watching White Lotus for the third time. 

Spring Break at home does not have to be a long week full of catching up on laundry and being home by your high school curfew. A vacation doesn’t have to mean going to a foreign place or a beachside hotel; a vacation can just mean taking time to do the things that take your mind away from the everyday realities of your normal routine. 

This week-long break can be a great time to focus on yourself and try some things that you don’t usually have time for amidst midterms, assignments, and finals. Planning a week full of trying new things and recharging your battery can be so beneficial, and set you up for an even better quarter ahead. Here are some things that I will be trying out!

  1. Take a week-long free trial at a nearby yoga studio

Spring Break is the perfect time to try that one activity that you’ve been putting off for a while, and for me, as well as anyone else wanting to get into a relaxing and mindful form of exercise, yoga is the first thing that comes to mind. Being that yoga exercises your mind, body, and spirit, it is a great way to get in touch with yourself and find some peace after a stressful quarter of school.

CorePower Yoga offers a “free week” (basically a week-long free trial), giving you the ability to take an unlimited amount of classes, discover which ones suit you the best and decide whether you want to become a member afterward. There is even a CorePower Yoga studio in Goleta if you’ll be staying local over the break!

  1. Turn your kitchen into an at-home bakery for a week

If you have a sweet tooth, or even just know anyone who does, trying new dessert recipes can be such a fun way to challenge and improve your baking abilities while getting some sweet treats out of it! Sometimes the best things come out of your most boring moments—when I have the downtime and decide to make an elaborate dessert (like an oatmeal cookie rendition!), I always come out of it with a recipe to add to my list of favorites. Whomever said that there are only so many ways to make an oatmeal cookie has never been bored at home before! Here is a list of 90 dessert recipes to try at home that includes gluten-free and vegan options: 90 Easy Desserts That Only Look Impossible.  

If you’re not a fan of dessert, making treats for your mom, friends, or grandparents can be a kind gesture, or even a fun activity to do together. 

  1. Enjoy a spa night in

Self-care is so important and can be such a mood booster. By setting the right ambiance—lighting your favorite candles, putting on a robe, getting yourself a beverage of choice, and playing relaxing spa music through a loudspeaker—you can create the perfect atmosphere to relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home! Even just taking a hot shower with your favorite products can be a fun way to romanticize plain-old hygiene; adding a few extra steps, like giving yourself a pedicure or doing a hair mask, can help you feel luxurious and renewed. Here are some cool products to check out before your amazing night of self-care: 

  1. Have a sip’n paint party of one

Who doesn’t love painting, and who doesn’t love sipping? Going to your local Michaels and picking up a set of acrylic paint, a canvas, blank tote bag, or (if you are of legal drinking age) a plastic wine glass, can be the beginning of your short-lived but fun painting career. After doing this, grab your favorite beverage, (in my case a cold Dr. Pepper), and pour it into a fun or sophisticated glass of your choosing.

Putting on your favorite rom-com in the background can be a fun addition to your sip’n paint or, if you are looking for a classier night in, you can put on some Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole in the background. After setting this up, the night is all yours to create! Will you paint the next Picasso, or will you paint your dog’s face on a tote bag? The possibilities are endless! 

Staying home for spring break can cause some major FOMO, but with a little creativity, it doesn’t have to be boring. Take this time to learn about yourself, relax, and maybe try out these ideas if you need some inspiration!

Hello! I am a third year Communication major here at UCSB. I love trying new food places, going to museums, getting coffee with friends, and traveling. I am so excited to write and share my life, thoughts, and experiences.