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How To Stay Organized With Online Classes

Classes have moved online and I don’t know about anybody else, but procrastinating has never been easier. I even take more naps than I should. It can be really hard to be productive with online classes and before you know it, you’re behind and you have six assignments due tomorrow. But I recently decided to be more focused and if you too are having trouble keeping track of all those online classes, here are five tips for how to stay organized.

Wake Up Early and Treat It Like Regular School
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I know this can be hard to do especially when school feels optional. But trust me, waking up early will help you set up a routine and allow you to be productive. Also, if you wake up early you have more time to work on assignments instead of allowing it to pile up until the last minute.

Have a Study Place

Having a set study space, such as a desk in your room or even the kitchen table, can really help increase productivity. But make sure your study place is relatively quiet. I know that can be hard when you live with family or other people. Also, do not do work on your bed, no matter how tempting. You will lose focus and possibly knock out (I may or may not be guilty of this).

Have a Routine/Schedule

This tip, in my opinion, is the most important one. If you want to get organized, set up a routine right now and stick to it. An easy way to keep track of your routine is by noting it all down in a planner. You can also easily set up your routine on Google Calendar for a more mobile approach. Lastly, if you have a whiteboard, try writing down your schedule there. It will constantly remind you of what needs to be done that day to help you stay on track.

Print the Syllabus

In order to stay organized with all your classes, make sure you print the syllabus for each one. It’s important to keep track of when assignments are due and when exams are, especially since professors would normally remind us in person during lectures. Make sure to look the syllabus over and highlight the important stuff.

Take Breaks
Original Illustration by Gina Escandon for Her Campus Media

Yes, school is important, but it’s also important to take care of your mental health during these unprecedented times. So, set aside some time to relax in your schedule. Try meditating, stretching or even just take a well-deserved nap.

I know school can be overwhelming sometimes, even moreso now, but I hope these tips help you get organized. Remember, you got this!


Alejandra is a third-year double majoring in sociology and global studies. She was born in LA and has moved around a lot eventually ending up studying in sunny Santa Barbara. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, and fashion. She also dreams of owning her own clothing line/business.
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