How to Handle Being the Only Friend on a Budget

Budgeting is a great skill to have, especially as a young, broke college student. Knowing where your money is going every month is the first step to getting your finances together. Although budgeting is a great thing to do, many people, especially young adults in college don’t start budgeting until post graduation, when they deem it to be absolutely necessary, or when their parents no longer provide them with some extra money every month.

Budgeting is especially difficult when none of your friends budget, and you are stuck trying to decide if you can splurge on dinner out or if you will just feel left out if you don’t go out to eat, or shopping, or to the movies.


Here are some tips and tricks to make being the only friend on a budget easier!


1. Suggest a Night In

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Sometimes the best nights are the ones spent in together. You can cook new recipes together, watch your favorite chick flicks, and never have to get out of your pajamas. Definitely can equal or beat a night out!


2. Explain That You Are on a Budget

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Sometimes the easiest thing to do is just tell the truth. No one is going to have anything negative to say about being a budget, and in fact, you may inspire some of your friends to start budgeting too!


3. Don’t be Afraid to Say No

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There is no harm in being honest and saying no to going out to certain events, especially if you really aren’t interested in the event to begin with.


4. Still Go Out, but Find Deals or Coupons

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If you don’t want to sacrifice going out with friends, there is always coupons online. Pro tip: find a deal or restaurant coupon online, and then suggest that restaurant to your friends for dinner. Everyone will be happy to shave a couple of dollars off the bill.


5. Find Free Activities to do

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There are so many free activities around us that we often forget about. Explore new places in your city, go on a hike, or spend time at the beach.