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How to Dress up Your Desk for Halloween

Halloween during college is a whole experience on its own, so really, it would be a shame to leave your very important study space looking the same as ever. So if you want to make your desk area as dressed up as you for Halloween (or if you just want to take a break from midterm season), then check out these surprisingly simple ways to get your desk looking its bloodcurdling best!

Spooky Mason Jars

Why hold your pencils in anything less than the best? You can check out this DIY for the steps to make the mason jar above, or you can deck it out using your own creativity! Think paint, paper mache, and cut-out drawings for a total handcrafted look.

Nightmare Dust

You can buy this pre-made on Etsy for $23, but if you’re feeling really hands-on you can make your own. Just get a small clear glass bottle or vial and fill it with a mixture of dark powder like charcoal or dyed sand, and toss in some glitter, stained paper, or other decorations.

DIY Autumn Leaf Garland

Unlike jars and other desk centerpieces, the nice thing about the garland is that you can hang it up on the wall in front of you to look extra classy without using up desk space. As a bonus, you can keep them up well into December without looking out-of-place. You can try to make them from actual leaves and pinecones from the ground, you can buy it already made, or you can take the middle road and string artificial plants together for a truly custom and long-lasting garland, just like this.

Homemade Witch’s Broomstick

Sure, you can probably just try to see if your mom will mail you your family’s old broom, but where’s the fun (or style) in that? Find a good long stick plus some brush or twigs, and tie it together for a wall decoration that really pops out. What’s cool about this is that you can decide for yourself how large you want it to be depending on how much space you have available.

Candy Corn Cups

Love ’em or hate ’em, candy corn is an ever-present symbol of Halloween, and they definitely make a cute little desk piece when they’re all scooped up together. You can decorate a mason jar as seen in the image, or you can leave it clear so the colors of the candy corn pop out more. Bonus points to anyone who adds black confetti.

Paper Pumpkins

The sad, sad truth about jack-o-lanterns is that they rot. Quickly. Why not make something that’ll last a little longer and fold your own pumpkins? You can follow the directions to make the above style (just be sure you have Google Translate on if you don’t speak German), or you can play around with your own ideas.

Image Credits: Thumbnail: Pixabay; Article images: House of Hawthornes, wanderingmermaid on Etsy, HGTV, Earnest Home Co, A Diamond in the Stuff, lovedecorations.de

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