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How to Cope with the End of Parks and Recreation

With the final episode of Parks and Recreation airing last Tuesday, I know some of you are still trying to cope with the fact that you will never get to see Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson be the bosses that they are. Or Tom and Donna treating themselves. And maybe even Jerry. Maybe.

So how do you cope with what feels like a part of your soul being deteriorated?

1. First, you must accept what has happened. It might feel a bit like this at first:

2. You’re going to mope and be angry and have erratic tendencies and behavioral breakouts:

3. But you can do this. You can try to figure out how to move forward with your life, espesially with the help of giving friends: 

4. You can also try some dog therapy to ease your tension and anxiety. According to Ron Swanson, there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee: 

5.  Retail therapy should do the trick as well. From the wise words of Donna and Tom, “TREAT YO SELF”:

6. Oh, and don’t forget to eat your feelings: 

7. And when in doubt, just dance it out:

8. And feel lucky you’re not Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry:

Thank you for 7 great seasons, Parks and Rec! Pawnee forever.

Connie Lin is a Campus Correspondent and writer for the Her Campus team at UC Santa Barbara. She is a second year majoring in Communication and is looking forward to a career in PR. On campus, she is the public relations coordinator for CAB (Community Affairs Board), which holds volunteer events to bring the campus and community together, along with working as a ticketing assistant for UCSB Arts & Lectures. In her free time, she enjoys new adventures, reading blogs, CAJE dates and obsessing over pugs. See what she's up to on Twitter & Instagram! @heyitsconnie
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