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Has Austin McBroom Officially Lost It?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.

So, who is the anomaly that is Austin McBroom? From unhinged Snapchat stories to the RV outside his ex-wife’s house, and even his unexpected saga as a UCLA student, McBroom’s antics have the internet in shambles.

McBroom (31) stands as one-half of the dynamic duo driving the YouTube family vlog channel known as The ACE Family, alongside his partner, Catherine Paiz (33). Together, they showcase their digital storybook of family fun, sharing the ups and downs of raising their adorable trio: Elle, Alaia, and Steel. With each vlog, they invite us into their world of giggles, tantrums, and all the messy moments in between. Their channel boasts a staggering 18.4 million subscribers, solidifying their status as content creators.

But as the saying goes, fame comes at a price, and for McBroom, that price often entails navigating through the stormy seas of controversy. McBroom has found himself in the hot seat on numerous occasions, facing allegations of infidelity, eyebrow-raising behavior towards his own family, and even legal battles.

Just when we thought their love story would defy all odds, January 11, 2024, brought a seismic shock—their Instagram posts revealed a heartbreaking divorce announcement. And let’s just say, some took it better than others (we’re looking at you, Austin).

As the digital saga of The ACE Family continues to unfold, one thing remains certain — Austin McBroom’s journey is far from over.

The Man Flu

In the aftermath of their divorce bombshell, McBroom launched a series of Snapchat stories that left fans scratching their heads. Instead of focusing on packing up and moving out, he took to the platform, claiming to have fallen ill with a mysterious illness. It doesn’t take a genius to notice he was using his supposed “illness” as a tactic to prolong the moving-out process.

And clearly, Catherine wasn’t having it either.

The Rv Fiasco

Once the mystery illness subsided, McBroom faced the daunting task of finding his next home. Initially, he was eyeing a spot just down the street from his family, but those plans quickly fell through. But fear not, for McBroom’s next move was nothing short of ingenious: he purchased an RV and strategically parked it smack dab in front of Paiz’s home. Alas, his idea was short-lived as he soon found himself on the receiving end of a parking ticket, prompting a swift relocation. Fortunately, a generous neighbor stepped in, offering up their property as a parking spot for McBroom’s new living situation. Talk about luck!

We’re glad being able to see her house makes you feel safe, Austin.

The Ucla Chronicles

It seems McBroom was on a quest for some serious life changes, as he embarked on the journey of a psychology student at UCLA. Amidst the hustle and bustle of college life, he navigated a series of comical mishaps, from the classic scavenger hunt for lecture halls to the uphill battle (quite literally) of scaling UCLA’s notorious steep steps. I can’t even lie though, he was real for that one.


Wait until someone shows him the death stairs #ucla #austinmcbroom @uclawhatsbruin @Barstool UCLA

♬ original sound – Denise

The Unexpected Singing Career

But, let’s face it, his academic aspirations didn’t quite pan out. In the midst of what seemed like a string of misfortune, he found solace in an unexpected outlet: music. In an attempt to heal his wounds, he turned to the power of songwriting, penning heartfelt lyrics that poured out his longing for Paiz and their children. Turning to rapper DDG, he transformed his heartfelt lyrics into a soulful anthem titled “Still My Ace.” And, I gotta admit, he kinda went off.


“still my ace” 💔 watch my snap “DDG” for more.. #fyp #ddg #austinmcbroom

♬ Still My Ace – DDG

At the end of the day, haven’t we all been an “Austin” at some point? Breakups tend to always bring out the messiest parts of ourselves. So now we’re all asking the same question: Is Austin McBroom…relatable?

Hey I’m Isabella and I’m a first year pre-communications major at UCSB! I love Taylor Swift, reading, hanging out with friends, and going to the beach!