Graduating High School vs College

When high school graduation is around the corner, you count down the minutes until you can make your escape.

The day finally comes and there are so many reasons to celebrate!

Say bye-bye to all the people you never have to see again...

and hello to all of the exciting new things that lay ahead!

Like your first taste of freedom!

When people ask you what you are doing after graduation, you're like:

Because you get to enjoy summer vacation and have college to look forward to in the fall.

Then the years fly by and it's time to graduate college, so you're more like:

...and instead of dancing and celebrating, you're like:

Then you start to reminisce about all the good times.

And get very emotional.

Especially when you realize you have to start adulting.

So party it up while you can...

Spend as much time as possible with your friends that you are going to miss like crazy...

And put on your big girl pants...

Because it's time to celebrate all of your accomplishments and start the next big chapter of your life!

...Even if you aren't quite sure what that next chapter is and wish you could stay in college forever.