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For the Dog Lovers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.

One thing that is lacking in a college town is an abundance of furry companions.  A great way to get your fix of man’s best friend is to volunteer at the local Santa Barbara dog shelter, Dawg.  This shelter harbors many canines, while training them and providing medical care, without the use of euthanasia.  They provide adoption and fostering opportunities, but they also are a great place to volunteer. 
To volunteer you must first go to an orientation session (information on the Dawg website) where the staff explains and teaches you their procedures in handling the dogs.  After the orientation you are free to play with and walk the dogs whenever the shelter is open. 

Dawg has various lawns in their facility where you can have free play with the dogs or if you’re more into exercise you can walk the dogs on the streets around the shelter.  The shelter provides you with the necessary leashes, harnesses, and treats for the dogs. 
This is such a fun and easy volunteer activity.  It’s a great way to exercise, hang out with friends, and play with animals, all while doing your part to help the community. J
Wear closed toed shoes and pants (the dogs can get excited to play and can scratch you)
DAWG?5480 Overpass Rd?Santa Barbara, CA 93111
E-mail: info@sbdawg.org?
Phone: 805-681-0561