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A Day in the Life of a Her Campus Editor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.

Name: Maya Wong

Title: Campus Correspondent

Favorite Spring Trend: Head-to-toe white.

Black and Blue or White and Gold: C’mon now, obviously black and blue.

Favorite Magazine: Lucky Magazine.

7:00am: Rise and shine! Starting off my day with oatmeal with fruit and ice cold coffee in the cutest Her Campus koozie from our HC Survival Kit. 

7:20am: Check any new emails from Her Campus headquarters in Boston and our Her Campus writers at UCSB. Scroll through Instagram and Facebook to keep up-to-date on any entertainment news. Read The Skimm and the New York Times for today’s news.

8:00am: Time for class. It’s 75 degrees today, which means I’m wearing my favorite Free People dress and gladiator sandals. I’m 95% sure it’s illegal to be stuck in lecture on days like these. Yay for no hail! 

9:45am: I’m figuring out my flight schedule for Her Campus’ upcoming annual collegiette conference in June in NYC. This past summer, HC set us up with a Cosmo sex and relationship editor, Lucky Mag digital editor, executive producer of Good Morning America, Editor-in-Chief of People Style Watch and more. A girlboss’ dream come true!

1:00pm: I head to Chipotle for a lunch meeting with our lovely PR directors Kim and Carrie to go over future social media giveaways and potential Spring quarter Her Campus events. We put our BOGO Chipotle gift cards to use.

2:15pm: Update our Facebook with our newest Her Campus UCSB articles. I check in on Twitter to see how our Dead Week giveaway is going. Follow us on Twitter for a chance to win!

3:35pm: No hail = time to sneak in some tanning time with the sun is still out. My roomie and I try out our Completely Bare beauty to go sample wax pack before we change into our bikinis!

4:00pm: Enjoying some fresh fruit from the UCSB Farmer’s Market on our deck. Living on the beach never gets old.

4:35pm: Trying to decide on a new haircut for spring. I’m dying over Lauren Conrad’s short tousled waves! I’m in love with Not Your Mother’s Hair Care Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray and can’t wait to try their Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner.

8:00pm: Cozy up to watch Scandal (with wine and popcorn, of course).

10:00pm: Relaxing in bed with my newest addiction, The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn. Fun fact: The book is going to become a movie soon starring none other than the beautiful Dave Franco. 

Maya is currently a third year Communications major at UCSB and a San Francisco native. As an previous editorial intern for HC and current Campus Correspondent, Maya loves to write about her NOMtastic food endeavors and the laid back fashion and style of California. With an interest in magazine editorial writing and public relations, Maya plans to pursue these fields as she continues to add a little more spice to every Collegiate’s life!