Cringe-Worthy Moments Everyone Can Relate To

We all have those moments and they haunt us in our dreams. If you are like me and you experience extreme awkwardness multiple times a day, these cringe-worthy moments will highly resonate with you.

Walking into class late

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I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate when I walk into class late and everyone turns to stare at me as if I've just killed eight people when I obviously killed 13. 

Tripping in public

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Can the floors just open up and take me now?

Sending a text to the wrong person

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Depending on what that text message it, things can get awkward...quickly.

Bringing attention to how awkward a social situation is

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I've recently noticed that calling attention to how awkward a social situation is oly makes the situation 1,000 times more awkward. 

Stuttering when ordering food

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I don't know what it is about ordering food that makes my brain go blank in which I forget how to efficiently speak

Being present while others are arguing

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The utter silence afterward is even worse...