Celebrity Inspired Thanksgiving Outfits

It's easy to know what you're grateful for on Thanksgiving but do you know what you're going to wear?!

The second hardest decision you will make this Thanksgiving (aside from deciding how many servings of turkey and smashed potatoes you'll eat) will be deciding what to wear. Well, no need to stress over it because the ladies at Her Campus UCSB are here to help! We have gone through the "trouble" of looking through celebrities' most fashionable moments to help you decide what to wear this Thanksgiving.

Here are the top 5 style tends that will make you look fabulous without the extra effort. Enjoy!

1. A simple dress can go a long way



2. Collars, they're not just for school uniforms!


3. Scarfs: keeping it casual can still look put-together.


4. Have business plans duing the holiday? We've got you covered. Business attire meets has never looked so good!


5. You can never go wrong with a black dress.


From the ladies at Her Campus UCSB, we want to wish all of you all a fabulous Thanksgiving!