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Campus Cutie: Nick Curci

Name: Nick Curci

Hometown: Newps

Graduation Year: 2015

Major: History

Affiliations with UCSB: Surf and Exercise & Zeta Theta Potata

Hobbies: Zurfing, bowling, and skeet shooting.

Relationship Status: Single and lonely

Would You Consider Yourself a Ladies Man: According to my Lulu account.

Ideal Girl: 5’10”-5’11”, green eyes, brown hair, and someone who is down to watch Pitch Perfect with me time after time!

Turn-ons: Humor and personality.

Turn-offs: Being really weird or talking shit on other people.

Worst Date You’ve Ever Been On: We went to a rated-R movie underage, got kicked out in the first ten minutes, and I wasted 30 dollars. Didn’t even get a kiss goodnight.

Embarassing Confession: I am very good at lipsyncing “Fireflies” by Owl City.

Girl’s Trend That You Don’t Understand: High-waisted shorts confuse me.

What It Takes to Win You Over: Sing me an a capella version of “Since You’ve Been Gone”

What Are you Most Excited for in Spring: Memorial Day Slip & Slide party.


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