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Campus Cutie: Andy Cowell

Name: Andy Cowell
Year: Freshman
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Environmental Studies & Film
Campus Involvement: Crew, Snow Club
Activities: Makin movies, makin music, rowing boats, getting surgery, and being outside.
Describe the perfect date: A 96 hour dinner with Penelope Cruz in a cave near Mallorca
Favorite thing about UCSB: Blenders
Favorite Movie of All Time: “This question physically pains me.”
If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change? I’d be a Native American
Favorite Pick Up Line: Cubs or Sox?
Relationship Advice for Girls: Be cool
Celebrity Crush: David Franco
Biggest Pet Peeves: Bad drivers, willful ignorance
If you could any super power, what would you want to have? I just want to be a Jedi
3 words that best describe you: Old Soul Goofball

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