Beyonce: The Greatest Entertainer of Our Generation

Throughout the decades in music history, there has been a myriad of some of the industry’s most innovative and prodigious entertainers. Artists like Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and Prince, to name a few, have fabricated the industry into its current success and have established themselves into the chart-topping, flourished performers they are recognized for today. Who could ever forget Michael Jackson’s emblematic dance moves? Or Prince’s vocal range, stage presence or his fearless feminine and sexual embodiment? There is no denying these artists have entrenched an industry of purely enriching and undeniably unique talent and have governed the definition of what it means to be a true entertainer in such a complex industry. Although many artists, both old and new, have successfully established themselves as talented entertainers, none have been as innovative, utterly impeccable and fearless as Beyonce Knowles.

The show-stopping, genre-bridging, cultural and musical influence Beyonce has brought to the industry, has forged a new era of pure exquisite entertainment and creativity that not many artists have dared to pursue or successfully--or effortlessly--perfected. Much of the artists throughout past generations have chosen to stay within lanes they feel comfortable and secure in, never daring to explore different realms of music or creativity, at least not the way Beyonce has so effortlessly done. The esteemed Mrs. Carter knows no limitations in the way she engages with her music or the way she chooses to present herself. The vigorous work ethic she continues to retain since the start of her Destiny’s Child days has only continued to flourish and galvanize into some of the most monumental projects and performances that have showcased her dedication and her passion for her art. Nothing less could be expected from the most Grammy-nominated woman of course. However, it is imperative to understand that her success goes far beyond prestigious award accomplishments. The proclaimed ‘Queen B’ has demonstrated her triumphs through several projects that have embodied her true bona fide flair and affirmed her as legitimate music royalty. Beyonce has so far been the only act to reach number one with all of her six albums and has been recognized as the first female artist to chart 12 (or more) songs on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. Image via New Yorker

Her talent and her need to always push the boundaries for what an artist should represent is what has given audiences some of the most memorable forms of entertainment, such as her most recent performance headlining the 2018 Coachella Music Festival. Beychella will forever be marked down as one of the most iconic and out of the ordinary performances in music AND Coachella history. The entire 26 song set was performed with a drumline/band and 100 dancers, all sporting custom made yellow outfits and hoodies that symbolized an aesthetic tribute to historically black colleges. The two and a half hour performance included perhaps one of the most notable moments, where Bey herself performed a beautiful rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” In an interview with Vogue, Beyonce explained how she acknowledged that most of the young people in the audience probably did not know the history of the Black national anthem, but she wanted them to understand the feeling it gave them. It’s safe to say that Beychella was more than just a performance with superb vocals and equally impeccable choreography; it was a lesson in the history of Black culture and Black excellence. Image via Time Out

Beyonce is also notorious for pushing the limits for what a female artist is able to achieve despite the barriers or the critics. During the 2017 Grammy Awards, Beyonce reigned a Virgin Mary inspired performance while pregnant with twins. While many other female artists have performed pregnant, none have created such a spiritual and emotional aura (while at the same time, laying on a leaning chair). Her power in this industry can essentially be reflected in the way she stays quiet over a period of time, only to spontaneously release an album without warning and without promotion. There are no worries when it comes to promoting or marketing her own music, she is able to recognize her impact and rely on her confidence. Her flawlessly synchronized choreography, vocal range, crowd engagement, and loyal fan base are just some of the few factors that enable her as the Queen of the industry. She isn't afraid to show her support and speak her mind over political and social issues during her performances or on her social media platforms. Image via Barbers Chair Digital

Many artists, especially during today’s social climate, are afraid of involving politics into their art, but Beyonce continues to push boundaries and dedicates many of her projects into shedding a light on some of the worlds most profound controversies. Such as the inclusion of an excerpt of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s speech on feminism in her hit single “Flawless,” a song that aims to empower women in terms of their beauty and capability. The premiere of her hit visual album Lemonade was a brilliant work of art that featured a visually stunning wardrobe, music, and storytelling that focused on all aspects of Black culture and calling for solidarity amongst her community. Her “Formation” music itself was representative of her stance on politics and her Blackness, where she sang on the topic of police brutality and how she won’t ever change to appeal to White standards of beauty.

From being the first female performer to create an all-woman tour and performing 15 minute visually stunning medleys at award shows to performing at the Country Music Awards despite the conservative criticism and backlash, Beyonce has broken barriers, established herself as an artist with a wide-ranging persona and earned the title of this generations greatest entertainer. The limit to what she can achieve simply does not exist. This is Beyonce’s world and we’re just living in it.