Best Piercing and Tattoo Shops in Santa Barbara

Nothing says moving to college, living on your own, and defying strict parents more than getting a tattoo or a piercing. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household that was lenient towards piercings and tattoos (although my dad still doesn’t know I have my bellybutton pierced and it’s been almost 6 years—but that’s a story for another time), and because of that I always went to the best places to get a new piercing. It is so, so important that you do research on a location before going in to get a tattoo or piercing, because many places don’t do it correctly, aren’t very sterile, and can really mess up your body. If the price is cheap, chances are it’s not going to be the best place to go unfortunately.

When I came to UCSB last year, I was curious as to where I would be going to get my next piercing, and Precious Slut did not seem like a great option based off of reviews, and well, their name. Despite affordable prices and convenient location, I decided to look elsewhere for my future piercings and potential tattoo. Here are the best tattoo and piercing shops in Santa Barbara.

Golden Eagle Tattoo

407 State Street


805 Ink

1228 State Street

Accompanied a friend here for her first tattoo and the experience was great!


Mission Tattoo

104 W Mission Street

Energy Tattoo

428 State Street