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Best Halloween Costumes of 2014!

Best Group Costumes

The 4 Seasons

This is an original costume idea that isn’t too frequently seen. It’s a simple costume that doesn’t require buying too much. Dig around in your closet and you’re sure to find some stuff that could work for each season. Be different this year!

Victoria’s Secret Models

What girl hasn’t wanted to be a Victoria Secret model at some point? Halloween is your perfect opportunity to be an angel for the night. It allows you to look sexy all while being super comfy!

Best Single Costumes

Construction Worker

Get to work and put a sexy construction worker costume together! It’s a simple costume that can be easily put together. Out of all the public services costumes, this is one of the most original since there are several different ways to dress it up!


Living right next door to the ocean, there’s no way you could go wrong with being a mermaid! Grab a little skirt, a bandeau, some jewels, and get creative with it! 

Mary Poppins

Along with The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sailor Moon and The Cheetah Girls, Mary Poppins was amongst the most popular celebrities. Everyone wanted her as his or her nanny! Not only is she a classy character, but she is absolutely adorable!

Best Couple Costumes


Grease is definitely a classic. The costume is relatively easy to put together and you can either be the badass or the sweet and innocent versions of Danny and Sandy!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

If you and your man are aiming to be original, look no further! Mr. and Mrs. Smith represent the ultimate powerhouse couple. Whether you want to be the sexy, classy Smith couple, or the fresh-out-of-bed, comfy Smith couple, you’ve got options! Just remember props will be taken away in IV (especially if it’s a fake gun)!

Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Who ever said Buzz Lightyear couldn’t be a girl? There are so many ways to dress up as Buzz and only one way to dress up as Woody.  This allows you to get creative—whether it’s in a tutu, a dress, a skirt, or just a pair of green shorts.


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