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Name: Hannah Sutherland

Major: Psychology

Age: 19          

Relationship Status: Single

Celebrity crush: Justin Bieber! And Zac Efron.

Top played Pandora playlists: Justin Bieber or Today’s Hits… But sometimes I throw a little country in there… And then if I’m in charge of the AUX cord, I’ll throw a little 80’s in there… I try to play what everyone likes to hear.

What made you become a Belieber? Hahaha… Umm I think it was just because everyone else was Beliebing. I tried so hard not to be a Belieber but then I saw his hair flip and his two-step and it made my heart go “knock knock!” Just saying! If you’ve never seen, “Never Say Never,” its life changing!

What song would be your anthem? I think that when people think of me they think of Bieber, but if I could be a song I would want to be Katy’s Perry’s, “TGIF”.

Hobbies: Baking and I like to play soccer and volleyball… I just really like TV! Hahaha.

Netflix & chill favorites: Grey’s Anatomy, I love it! I watch Friends as well and New Girl.

If any celebrity could play you, who would it be? Drew Barrymore… I don’t know if she’s like me but I want to be like her… or Kristen Wig. Everyone tells me I act like her, so probably her.



Favorite sports teams: Boston Red Sox and Carolina Panthers.

Three things you can ‘t live without? Probably my cell phone, even though it’s so cliché… I couldn’t live without chicken nuggets either – and my cat!

How many tattoos do you have and which one is you favorite: Two… they’re two really different ones. The sea horse one will always be special because it was my first. I love the ocean and they’re my favorite animal. The other one is more personal… it’s for my mom. It’s more meaningful for me… I didn’t really get it for anyone too look at; I just got it for myself. It’s an orange ribbon with mom written beneath it making it heart shaped, which represents MS,.



What’s your spirit animal: I would probably say a Sea Horse because I have a sea horse tattooed on me.

Who is your favorite YouTube makeup guru? I love MannyMUA! He’s so hilarious! I also like Laura Lee because she has brown eyes and tan skin, so I get an idea of what I’m going to look like after I try her makeup tips hahaha…. and Candee Johnson


To keep up with Hannah follow her on Instagram @hannah_rs96 

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