Basic Astrology 101

We’ve all been there, you’re chatting up someone super cool at a party, everythings going smoothly and then:

“You’re sooo laid back and we click sooo well.  What’s your sign?”

Before you roll your eyes, bolt for the door, or respond uncertainly with, “I mean, my birthdays in April?" here are a few basic astrology tidbits to save you from celestial convo chaos (and impress that special Scorpio in your bio class)!

SUN SIGN: Basic you, or “Why do I act and express myself the way I do”

The Sun is your base personality, your ego, or your sense of self. This is you on the simplest and most succinct level. When someone asks what your sign is, this is definitely the one they’re asking about.

MOON: Why do I (subconsciously) react and feel the way I do

The Moon is your heart and your past. It’s about feelings, one’s core wants and needs. Your Moon sign describes your natural way of operating on an emotional level. It is what you inherently or somehow immediately know. Your Moon is in charge of your instincts and you at your core.

ASCENDANT (AKA Rising): Why do I see and meet the world the way I do

Your Rising dictates how the world perceives you. Your rising sign influences people’s first impression of you, your social interactions in unfamiliar situations, and how you relate to others. Keep in mind that unlike your sun and moon sign, your rising sign reflects a more superficial, outward personality.

MERCURY: Why do I think and communicate the way I do

Your Mercury is in charge of how you communicate your opinions or when you are in a general exchange of information. Mercury is the way you think, speak, and learn. It is the intellectual planet, having everything to do with the mind. Your Mercury sign is the one you think like, and it is very common for this to be a sign one greatly identifies with.

VENUS: Why do I express affection the way I do

Venus governs love, affection, your romantic and artistic side (or lack thereof)! This planet rules the love and beauty department. Your Venus especially shows when you have a crush on someone, when you express affection (either romantically or platonically), when you collaborate and do teamwork, when you make aesthetic choices.

MARS: Why do I express anger and passion the way I do

Whereas Venus rules romantic attraction, Mars deals with basic physical attraction. Mars is your sex drive and determination. Mars rules your animal instincts when it comes to aggression, anger, and survival. Mars is the planet of action -- thus it rules when, how, and where you choose to act upon strong feelings and intentions.

These are just the bare bones of the zodiac, but they are more than enough to impress any constellation connoisseur and hopefully have inspired a spark of deeper interest in yourself according to the stars! ​

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