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$ave Dat Money: The Struggles of Being a Broke Collegiate

We all know the struggles of being broke and in college. 

Most of us are handling finances for the first time in our lives, and sometimes it doesn'twork out as well as you thought it would. Here are some of the struggles we all face being broke collegiates.


1. When you're applying for a job, and the application asks, "Why do you want to work at this institution?"


2. When you want to go out and buy nice things but you've also got tuition and rent to pay.


3. When your parents or loved ones ask you how you're doing financially.


4. When you work for mininum wage but everything costs SO MUCH.

The struggle is real, collegiates.


Fatima is a first year Communication and Middle East Studies double major at UCSB. She grew up in Sacramento, CA and currently hails from the notorious Santa Catalina residence halls. She enjoys puns, coffee, fashion, current events, and writing. When she isn't rushing from class to class, you can catch her studying at Caje, hanging out with friends around Isla Vista, and appreciating everything college has to offer.
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