The Art of Layering: How to Stay Stylish and Warm

The art of layering can be kind of tricky. Sometimes, when it's really cold and all you want to do is throw on a fuzzy blanket, the last thing you think about is how to stay stylish. As a girl from San Francisco, layering up is a very essential lesson I learned. You also never know when the weather can switch up on you and that's why layering is important. Here are some simple pieces and outfit ideas to stay stylish and warm during winter!

1. The Basic Cami 

This is a great piece to layer under any article of clothing. Plus, it stays close to your body, so it will keep you extra warm. 

2. The Thermal Long Sleeve 

A thermal long sleeve, especially a turtle neck, looks sleek and stylish and gives you that extra layer to block out the cold. 

3. The Simple Hoodie 

If it's extra cold and windy, throw on a layer with a hood to slip on when you're feeling chilly.

4. The Scarf 

Scarves are great because you can choose any that suits your style. This is also an item to slip on and off or even use as a hood. 

5. Simple Accessories to Dress the Look Up

Throwing on some jewelry can make a simple outfit look more put together. Adding a hat is also very important to keep your head warm. 

6. 3 Staple Jackets for the Winter 

The Long Coat 

The long coat is very in right now and blocks the cold for more of your body. 

The Denim Jacket 

You can never go wrong with a denim jacket. If you're feeling a little risky, try this denim on denim outfit for a statement. 

The Leather Jacket 

The leather jacket is a classic. You can throw this on any day or night outfit and be ready to go!

7. Boots 

We can't forget about the footwear! Boots are excellent for keeping your feet warm and they are very stylish at the same time! You can even throw on some fuzzy socks for an extra layer like I did. 

I hope these ideas help you out during the sweater weather! There are many variations to the pieces I named above to fit your style. Don't let the cold weather keep you from making a statement! 

All photos taken by Megan Macasaet