9 Tattoo Ideas for the Modern College Girl

Tattoos have become a significant part of pop culture and are bursting on social media, TV shows, and pretty much everywhere you go! Tattoos can help a person to decorate their body, improve their body positivity and to express themselves. So here are some cute ideas for the modern college girl, whether you want tattoos or not (because even if you don’t, they’re still so fun to look at!)

1. The Creation of Adam, but your twist.



I thought this one was really unique and definitely something I hadn’t seen before. It’s modern, artistic and cultured. The hands are a reference to Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, which is painted on part of the Sistine Chapel. Obviously, someone could get this tattoo with different words or a different font too, to make it personal to them.


2. The Copyright Tattoo

90’s babies tend to love this one! It is unique to the person, as well as simple, small and cute. People also get this tattoo on their ankle or their foot, as a reference to Toy Story (how Andy’s name is written on Woody’s boot) and alluding to their childhood.


3. The famous wave.

A simple, minimalist wave is so cute! And if you’re worried about keeping those tattoos hidden in a workplace, this one can be easily concealed by most shoes.

4. Modern take on the rose tattoo

So simple, cute and again, personal. Love the feminine look of this one!

5. Handwritten tattoo

Tattoo script used to be very formal, clean and caused a lot of tattoos to look similar to each other, all scrolly cursive. But a tattoo in your handwriting or someone else’s makes it completely unique to you! And the saying on this tattoo “oh yes I can” has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen.

6. Create yourself.

Cute saying, creative placement!

7. Another cute inspirational quote!

And these fonts… so cute!

8. Flowers on the ankles

They’re delicate and who knows, maybe your mom won’t even hate this one!

9. Swallows

Swallows have a really strong symbolism that goes back to sailors. Sailors would get one swallow for traveling 5,000 nautical miles and two for 10,000 and the swallows were a symbol of love and loyalty. So, sometimes people get them for their metaphorical journeys too. Also, swallows choose one partner and mate for life… how cute is that?!

All images via Pinterest