9 Embarrassing College Girl Stories That Will Make You LOL

College is hard…and we all have embarrassing stories to prove it. Here are a few that will make you laugh and remind you that hey, you aren’t alone: we’ve all been there.

1. Pee you later!

“I was walking back from a party, it was late, I was pretty tipsy and had to pee SO BAD. I was alone (bad, I know) so I had no one to watch my back while I popped a squat. I decided to run. I ran all the way to the public bathroom of my dorm, pulled my pants down and sat down to pee. I missed. I missed the toilet. I fell flat on my bare ass and peed on impact. Stunned and embarrassed, I got up and ran past the girl washing her hands that I didn't see when I came in. I have no idea who she was, but I'm pretty sure she knows exactly what happened.”

2. Gives Daddy a whole new meaning.

“I called my boyfriend by his father's name while we were hooking up.”

3. Sorry, Mom.


“I made a joke about a girl looking like she was straight out of porn hub in front of my mom. My mom asked what porn hub was...I told her. She then asked how I knew about it and I panicked and told her my boyfriend showed it to me. My mom just got up and walked out of the room.”

4. Nice to meet you, roomies!

“The first night in my dorm room I was too grossed out by the germs of the shared bathroom that I didn’t pee before bed and when I woke up in the morning I suddenly really had to go. I tried to get into the bathroom that my room shared with the room next door but someone was in the shower. I banged on the door to be let in but the girl did not respond. And I ended up pooping myself. That’s a sure fire way to get to know your roommates and suitemates.”

5. Knocked me off my feet…literally.

“Accidentally made out with the drunkest guy at the whole damn party and ended up on the floor after he fell over. Worst part? This has happened to me more than once.”

6. An afternoon nightmare.

“I drank 6 shots and half a bottle of wine then went hard for a little while before we decided to go to the grilled cheese place. This was during the day. Like broad daylight. And we ordered so many mac n' cheese stuffed grilled cheeses and as soon as it showed up I threw up so much all over the ground in front of so many people going about their normal days and now I can never show my face at the grilled cheese truck again.”

7. Happy anniversary, babe!

“My boyfriend and I ended up pregaming the pregame for my date party, and I drank too much just to finish a handle for someone’s Snapchat. When we got back and sat down, I immediately knew this evening had taken a bad turn. I ended up throwing up in the bathroom of my sorority house and even on his shirt. Bonus points: it was actually the weekend of our anniversary. Most couples celebrate with champagne and a nice dinner, we celebrated by me barfing on him and him taking care of me afterwards as I repeatedly claimed “No, I’m not drunk!”

8. You up?

“I was hooking up with my boyfriend while his roommate was "asleep." The roommate woke up and said ‘I can hear you guys…’ he then walked out to sleep on the couch and I had to walk of shame past him so hard.”

9. Bonding moment.

“When my best friend came to visit me for college, we decided to go to a house party. We shot vodka and chased with tap water (don’t ask) and ended up hanging out with a few cute guys. When we got back, everyone was hanging out in the parking lot to sober up. We had to pee and couldn’t hold it. We ended up squatting--behind a big truck to save our pride, obvs—and peed in the parking lot, next to each other. Needless to say, never saw those boys again. But I think we are oddly closer now.”

Hope these stories brightened up your day!

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