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If you’re shy and introverted at times like me, you probably struggle with stepping out of your comfort zone. And with the pandemic, putting yourself out there and getting involved has not gotten easier.

With universities across the country taking precautions, clubs and other events have been looking different. Some of the clubs I am involved in have lost members or have never even had an in-person meeting! So, in following the school’s protocols, meetings and most events are virtual making it easy for me to stay in my comfort zone while still attending and passively participating.

However, this didn’t help me make any strides socially, mentally, or emotionally, so I made the decision to fix that. Here are 6 ways I step out of my comfort zone that you can easily do.

Join a club

Events and club meetings may be online, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on joining a club that you might have been interested in joining before the world went online. Find a club that piques your interest and see if you’d like to be an official member.

Turn on your camera during zoom

It’s so easy to not turn on your camera if it’s not mandatory. But here’s the thing: unless you’re the one hosting the virtual event, or speaking, chances are the attention won’t be on you. So take the chance, turn your camera on and live outside your comfort zone for even the briefest of moments.

Try and actively participate

You turned your camera on, now try unmuting yourself. It’s awkward for the person hosting the event to do all the talking, and it’s not much better for the people attending. The whole point of having online events is to try to encourage socializing between people. So interrupt the awkward silence and participate, even if it’s just a few words.

Take a walk and interact

I am fortunate to live near the beach with the amazing sunsets and scenery of UCSB. I like to take a walk among the many trails on my campus and along the beach itself. Now, I mainly take walks for myself, but sometimes, I step out of my comfort zone and talk to people I pass by, or better yet, interact with the dogs I see.

Wear an outfit you wouldn’t usually wear

I’m always wearing sweats and a hoodie, but I’ve been wanting to change up my style from being just comfortable and casual, and try something a little different. Though I still love a good pair of sweats, every so often I like to switch up my style, trying anything from grungy to plant mom.


I know a lot of people, including myself, who don’t really volunteer unless it’s mandatory. However, it is a great way to help out and meet people. Not only are you getting out of your comfort zone but you’re also doing something meaningful.

The comfort zone is nice, but it doesn’t allow much for personal growth so it’s good to get out of it once in a while and explore life!

Alexa is a third year English major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her ambitions include being a best-selling author and successful blogger. Interests include: listening to music, exploring, and reading.
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