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6 Reasons Women Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed About Masturbation… With Tips!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.

What’s wrong with a little diddle to the fiddle? A little flick to the bean? A little buttering of the biscuit? A little dry hump to the pillow? Too far? That’s okay. The point is, there isn’t anything to be ashamed or embarrassed about when it comes to female masturbation. For reasons all too familiar in our society which not-so-subtly favors one sex over the other, it isn’t considered gross or weird for men to talk about “jacking off”, but it is very taboo and hush-hush for women to discuss such private matters. However, if we never discuss it, there will be some women who never know that masturbation is completely natural, normal and even beneficial!

Here are 6 reasons female masturbation should be nothing to be embarrassed about!

And it’s not just for “lonely single” people either!

1. It Relieves Anxiety

Masturbation, like sex, releases a happiness chemical scientifically known as dopamine which works to reduce stress and anxiety. Seriously! You want to know the secret to the most chill, care-free people you know? -They masturbate.

2. It Aids Sleep

Masturbation releases another chemical called prolactin which actually aids sleep. Crazy, right? It takes your mind away from all the hectic, daily to-do’s to focus on one delightful sensation.

3. It Reduces Menstrual Pain

Yet another glorious chemical released through masturbation is the endorphin which reduces pain. Yes, pain! That’s why it works so well to aid menstrual cramps. I recommend you draw a hot bath, throw in some salts, light a candle, and have a go! (*Helpful tip, you can position yourself underneath the faucet for a particularly pleasant bath, if ya know what I mean)

4. Orgasm!

Many young college girls can safely say they’ve never experienced an orgasm. If you’re not sure if you’ve had one or not, you probably haven’t. The thing is, the best way to have an orgasm is to do it for yourself… especially as a woman *eyeroll*! Did you know that 75% can’t orgasm from intercourse alone? 

Who knows you, better than you, after all. Masturbation helps you become more in touch with your own body. Once you’re able to make yourself orgasm, you’ll become more successful in helping your partner make you orgasm.

5. Abstinence

Now, I am not discouraging safe sex by any means. In fact, power to anyone who wants to explore their sexuality. My point is, masturbation will help anyone who hopes to hold out on sex (for whatever reason, which may include but is not limited to: withholding virginity, a rule that prohibits sex until the fifth date, etc.) by reducing those pesky, horny hormones.

6. Empowerment

A woman that masturbates is a woman who has the power to satisfy her own needs, a woman who has the ambition to take charge of her own life. Yes, I’m dead serious!





If you’ve ever read a Cosmopolitan magazine, you’ve seen their wildly exotic (and intimidating) selection of sex gadgets which range from $60 to $300. Yeah, no. This is a little excessive for a young college student who is barely figuring this stuff out!  You can go on Amazon to find a simple $20, battery-powered vibrator that will do the trick.  Don’t worry, you can clear your history, and the box that the vibrator will arrive in will be Amazon! For all your roommates know, it’s a book… a very, very especially interesting book.


If you’ve never taken Human Sexuality with the Baldwins at UCSB, then maybe you are unfamiliar with the female anatomy (which is a shame, educate yourself on your body ASAP!). The most crucial part of your lady bit is the clitoris, located at the top of the vulva. You can move your finger up and down, or side to side in small circles. You can go bare, or use a little lube or coconut oil for a little extra oomph! 


It can be a little tricky to find a place to uh… polish the pearl, when 85% of us probably share a room with another person. Well, you can always work around their schedule and do it when they aren’t home. Or you could just do it in the shower or bath! 


I mean, think of masturbation as the kind of crucial self-care worth setting aside time to do. You should probably do it at least a few times a week if you want to live that stress-free life. Just think about guys for a second, they probably do it multiple times a day! Why do you think they’re so relaxed all the time?!


Hope this has helped at least one person feel more comfortable and confident within their own body! Go ahead and try this forbidden, taboo, shameful activity and you will see for yourself that it is well worth it! You have nothing to be afraid of, it’s just you after all!

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