5 Ways We're Relaxing During Midterms Thanks to Our HC Survival Kit

Thanks to HC Nationals and some of our sponsers, we're able to relax a little bit during the crazy midterms season!

1. Experimenting with flash tattoos.

We love these holiday themed temporary tattoos! Just because we have 1000 papers and midterms doesn't mean we can't look fab!


2. Chipotle study breaks.

Nothing is less stressful than getting a BOGO chipotle burrito. The only question is whether to take a friend or keep all the deliciousness to ourselves...


3. Relax with some arts & crafts.

These Martha Stewart paints and glitters are giving us mad craft inspo. DIY-ing your apartment is the perfect way to give yourself some art therapy.


4. 5 hour energies & some tunes.

Midterms = late nights. Luckily, Nationals saved us with these quick caffeine fixes and some headphones for our Spotify study playlist.


5. Diva cup... for those of us struggling extra this week.

Some of us hit the struggle bus jackpot with midterms PLUS that time of the month. The diva cup is saving us with its easy to use and environmentally friendly alternative to tampons/pads!


Thanks so much to Nationals and our sponsers for these goodies! Good luck with midterms, collegiettes!