5 Ways to Boost Creativity

Images courtesy of Unsplash

It’s not always easy to come up with innovative ideas, especially when you’re bogged down in schoolwork and extracurricular activities.  But here are 5 easy ways to incorporate into your daily schedule to get you thinking creatively:

1.   Listen to a new music genre (or even a different artist in your favorite genre), podcast, or youtube video.

Simply venturing out of your comfort zone can spark new ideas.  You can easily incorporate this into your daily routine by switching out your normal playlist for something different when you’re getting ready in the morning.   


2.   Being in nature

Sometimes unplugging and allowing yourself to take a break to enjoy the ocean, forest, mountains, or fields is a great way to stretch your mind.  You’ll be drawing inspiration from your surroundings in no time!



3.   Visit someplace new


It doesn’t have to be halfway across the globe or even to the next city; keep it local by trying a new coffeeshop and cafe or heading to that old music store that’s been on the corner for ages.  New shops and stores are always popping up and the old ones could use some love too.



4.   Get involved on campus


Take advantage of the resources on campus: try new clubs, sit in on a lecture that you’ve always wanted to learn more about (pro tip: check out lectures of classes you’re considering taking), go to a theater or dance performance, visit an art exhibit, or attend a sports event.  There’s always something going on, the possibilities are endless.



5.   Talk it out


Bounce ideas back and forth with friends or new people that you’ve just met; you’re bound to come across new perspectives and possibly ways to collaborate.  By just saying it out loud allows you to clearly define your ideas and help streamline your thoughts.  And there’s always the potential for collaboration!