5 Tips for a Rewarding Secret Santa

Thanksgiving is officially over and more holidays are quickly approaching. As we prepare to decorate our homes with stockings, lights and decorations, all the holiday festivities are beginning. One of my own personal favorites is Secret Santa. It is so rewarding to see the excitement on everyone’s faces as their Secret Santa is revealed. Here are my own personal tips for Secret Santa to make the experience that much better.

1. Elfster

Elfster is an amazing website that helps set up Secret Santa exchanges for free. All you need is everyone’s emails and the website will do it all for you: matching names, help form wish lists, and ask anonymous questions. Elfster makes the experience so easy that you’ll want to participate in multiple Secret Santas.

Image from Techgyd

2. Keep your draw a secret

I know how tempting it can be to tell everyone who’s name you drew but, keeping it a secret makes the actual exchange so much fun! I know it’s hard to resist telling all your roommates and best friends about how excited you are to start picking gifts for the person you drew but just remember, everyone’s shock and awe will be an experience of itself. And trust me, it’ll be worth it!

Image from O.C Tanner Blog

3. “Me time” Basket

Everyone can appreciate a little self love. A basket filled with goodies like face masks, bath bombs, a cute loofah and a luxurious lotion can bring a smile to anyone’s face. And if you both are 21, throw in a cute bottle of wine and you’ve got a great gift. If you are not 21 yet, no worries, some tea or hot cocoa can definitely be interchanged with the wine. No one will be upset by a some cute products to spoil themselves with.

Image from The DIY Mommy

4.“Your Favorites” Collection

This one takes a little bit of work. Take note of their favorite snacks, drinks and guilty pleasures. Fill a bottle with their favorite chocolates, grab a bag of their favorite candy, a pack of their favorite drink, a cute mug, and a cute shirt or sweater that makes you think of them. Then, strategically place them in an insta worthy basket or jar and they’ll definitely feel the extra love and effort you put into this present.

Image from One Good Thing

5. Socks, Socks, and Socks.

Nothing says winter more than socks. Especially cute fuzzy socks or patterned socks. I would recommend this as an addition to any present you plan on buying. Socks come in different designs and types from crew socks to no show socks, so you can find the perfect pair of cozy winter socks specially tailored for your person. Especially with the temperatures dropping in IV, your draw will definitely be thinking of you while they lounge around in those cloud like socks. 

Image from Detailizing Tumblr