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5 Times Santa Barbara was Extra About its Weather

1. The time a few weeks ago that we had the strongest rain storm since 1988. 1988 PEOPLE!!! I will include myself in the demographic of people who skipped class that day. ALWAYS REMEMBER, NEVER FORGET. 

2. That time last winter quarter where we had gusts of wind comparable to a FRICKING TORNADO. I like to call it “The Santa Barbara Dust Bowl” :-)

3. Literally every summer when the weather Gods turn up the humidity to 1000000% and we are doused with approximately 750 gallons of sweat. At that point, it is appropriate to change UCSB from University of California Santa Barbara to the University of Consistently Sweating Buckets 

4. SANTA BARBARA IS LITERALLY SO INDECISIVE. 40 degrees in the morning, 80 degrees by noon, and then back down to 60 after 5. Make. Up. Your. Mind!!!! All I ask for is the ability to wear ONE OUTFIT a day. ONE. I demand consistency. I did not come to Santa Barbara to freeze my butt off.

5. Lastly, Santa Barbara is ALWAYS extra AF when it comes to sunsets. But we don’t mind because it is moments like this that make us realize how lucky we are to live in a place as beautiful as SB. We get to end every single beautiful day in the most beautiful way possible, and that is for sure something we should include when counting our blessings. 

Howdy! Lissette is a second year biology major at UC Santa Barbara. She enjoys art museums, calligraphy, and making art as a hobby and for the ucsb campus newspaper, The Daily Nexus! She has a soft spot for romantic comedies which explains why she is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic. She also has an interest in all things boba and music.
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