5 Things You Should Buy Right Now

Remember all those cute bikinis and summer dresses you wanted but didn’t want to spend the money to buy? With summer coming to an end, there are so many things flying onto clearance racks at a fraction of the original price. Why not save a couple of dollars by buying what you need for next summer right this moment? Here’s a list of things you should get as summer is coming to an end:

Summer dresses

Summer dresses are always a must have. There are some summer dresses that will never go out of style, so why not pick them up on clearance now? A breezy cotton option is a classic.


Although it is fall now, the weather apparently doesn't agree because it has been so hot lately in SoCal. Although boots and booties are the must-haves of the fall season, having a pair or two of cute sandals is always great - especially when it doesn't even feel like fall outside.


Many purses go on clearance at the end of the season because the colors that are "in" now are most likely different. But if you don’t really care too much about that, you can most likely get a bag that you want for a discount upwards of 50%.


With summer coming to an end, retailers are trying to get rid of their bikinis because people won't be actively looking for them as they did in the summer. This is the perfect chance to stock up on some that you can break out next summer!


In my mind, I feel like sunglasses always match up with summer. Now that it is fall, I feel like the styles are changing and I feel like retailers are trying to get rid of their older styles that are more fit for summer, but if you’re lucky, you can probably score a really nice pair for a very good price!