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5 Must-See Oscar Nominations to Watch on Valentine’s Day

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or, for some of us, Singles Awareness Day), than to cuddle up with your significant other (or dog), and watch some high quality movies that will make you laugh, cry, and pull at your heartstrings? With the Oscars coming up, here is a list of Academy Award nominated movies that you can enjoy alone or with a companion!


This coming-of-age drama film follows six-year-old Mason Evans Jr., who’s raised by his single mother in Texas. This film is depicted over a 12-year span, documenting the ups and downs that Evans experiences growing up; like the infamous “sex talk,” to drinking alcohol for the first time. This heartfelt and relatable movie stars the timeless cutie, Ethan Hawke, and has been nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor/Actress.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

A comedy written and directed by the prolific Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel follows an intricate plot, where the main character penned “the Author” schemes with one of his employees to prove his innocence after he is framed for murder. Filmed in scenic Germany and starring the dashingly handsome Jude Law, this movie is sure to make you laugh and cry. It has been nominated for nine Academy Awards (the most nominations for one film this year), including Best Picture and Best Director.

Gone Girl

This eerily spooky film will probably make you question your life and your current (or future) relationship. Hunky Ben Affleck plays Nick Dunne, a man framed by his wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), for her disappearance. People all around him question his innocence and want him imprisoned. But what actually happened to Amy? See for yourself to find out, and be incredibly creeped out by Pike’s Academy Award nominated performance. 

Into the Woods

Starring the timeless Meryl Streep, alongside other big names like Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, and Anna Kendrick, this musical fantasy film combines the famous Grimm Brother’s fairy tales of “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Cinderella,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” and “Rapunzel” into one movie. The catchy music and dramatic scenery will keep you engrossed while reliving your favorite childhood fairy tales. It has been nominated for Best Motion Picture, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, and Streep has (once again) been nominated for Best Supporting Actress. 

Big Hero 6

The most popular animated film to come out this year, Big Hero 6 will definitely make you cry of laughter and sadness. Produced by Disney, this movie tells the story of a young robotics geniuis named Hiro Hamada, who forms a superhero team to combat a masked villain.  The voice cast includes up-and-coming actor Ryan Potter, Jamie Chung, and (my favorite) Maya Rudolph. Nominated for Best Animated Feature, this movie is a must-see.

So whether you’re spending this Saturday alone or with someone, these movies are perfect for a relaxed night in this Valentine’s Day.

Julia is a 2nd year Communication Major and French Minor! She has a huge sweet tooth and spends the majority of her time watching Netflix, eating copious amounts of food (and spending copious amounts of money on it), and drinking coffee. You can follow Julia on Instagram and Twitter @juliaachunng.
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