5 Halloween Duo Costumes for 2015

It's that time of year again - we're all rumaging through the back of our closets in the hope of finding a last minute Halloween outfit. But what better way to come up with an outfit than with a friend? Afterall, two heads - or costumes - are better than one. 

Here's a few ideas for you and a friend to dress up as that are applicable for 2015!


Kendall and Kylie

Look super chic and display the bond of your friendship by dressing up as these two iconic Kardashian sisters - have fun with the makeup!


Netflix and Chill

Maybe you and your buddy would rather be in bed with netflix instead of out partying, but this way you can netflix and chill and party!


Kim and Kanye

Your guy can finally show off his pout all night by dressing up as Kanye, or one of you girls can have some legit facial hair for one night! And of course, your Kim booty will be the life of the party.



You'll probably be dancing all night anyways, so you might as well be prepared and dress up as the two dancing emojis! Make sure you have the right shoes or else you'll be walking home barefoot at the end of the night...


Max and Caroline

Hopefully spending money on your Halloween costumes doesn't actually leave you broke, but if it does then what better way to make it worth it than by dressing up as the two best friends Max and Caroline from the TV show 2 Broke Girls? 

Happy Halloween!