5 Habits To Live Your Best Life

You’ve probably heard the quote before, “live your best life”…and probably more recently, thanks to Cardi B.

This quote resonates so much with me, so I decided to make it a habit to live my best life; I had nothing to lose!

Here are a few habits I recently picked up that have helped me live my best life. They say it takes about a month to make a habit stick, so let’s take these steps together for a happier, healthier and more productive you!


1.   Get comfortable being you.



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Celebrate and embrace you! After all, there’s only one you in this entire universe, so it is important to understand how influential you can be.

Society has set very unrealistic expectations of how you should act, what you can and cannot do, and what kind of person you should be in order to be “beautiful.” But let me remind you this: There’s nothing more beautiful than someone who has the confidence to fully embrace themselves. Always do what makes you happy!


2.   Treat your mind and body well.



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After all, they’re the very things that get you through your day and lets you experience the life you choose to live! Make sure to exercise your mind and body by engaging your brain. For example reading books, visiting museums, engaging with people, and especially moving your body regularly. Don’t forget that it’s also important to fuel your mind and body with good nutrition too!


3.   Make time for yourself.



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In the hubbub of our busy lives, we often forget how important it is to take care of ourselves. Give yourself time (away from work or school) for your own personal joys and pleasures. You might want to go for a walk or run by yourself, or you might want to catch up with an old friend. Whatever you do, you should give yourself some time to relax and unwind, and be easy on yourself.


4.   Focus on one thing at a time.



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It’s impressive to claim yourself as a multitasker. Yet, it can not only be stressful to have so many things on your plate, but it can also be counterproductive. Instead, try focusing on one thing at a time. That way, you’re focusing all your energy and effort on each task separately producing a thorough job each time.


5.   Develop an attitude of gratitude.



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I firmly believe in the idea that everything happens for a reason. You get the opportunity to learn from those experiences—whether they be good or bad. When you focus on the things you don’t have in life and keep comparing yourself to others, you’ll never seem to have enough. By developing an attitude of gratitude for the things and people in your life, you become happier and seem to be satisfied with everything in life. 


Now, let’s go out there and embrace our inner Cardi B, it can only help us!!