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5 Gorgeous Makeup Tricks for Glasses Gals

This one is for our glasses gals! As much fun it is to look eternally intelligent, it can be rough rocking any form of eye makeup with it turning into a catastrophe. Let’s take a look at beauty five tips for our framed friends to slay the day:

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1. Curling your lashes makes all the difference

The most annoying about glasses has to be the lashes. If you’re blessed with long thick lashes, say hello to Smudge City because you can be sure to find mascara streaks on your lenses by the end of the day. Even worse, glasses can make eyes look smaller than they actually are. Thankfully, these are both easy fixes!  It all starts with a great eyelash curler. By giving some boost to the roots of your lashes, you open up those gorgeous eyes and prevent any smearage!


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2. Apply more mascara to the roots, not the tips!

As said earlier, glasses can minimize the size of eyes and mascara sometimes hurts the situation by weighing them down. To get a defined eye without any hassle, focusing your mascara on the roots of lashes will make a clean, eyeliner-like-effect and help bring more attention to the eyes!


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3. Let the color of your frames guide your choice of eyeshadow and liner shades.

Although black frames go with literally any color, multicolor or even tortoise-shell frames can be a little tricky. Our advice to bringing some color into your life? Base your choices on the tone of your frames. If they have cooler tones (ex. Silver, navy, green and blue), lean on the side of cooler greys and blues for colors. With warm tone glasses such as brown or gold frames, opt for bronze and champagne colored shadows and liners.

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4. When in doubt, always go with a cat eye.

Feeling sassy? Cat eyes are a fabulous way to make your eyes pop and create the eye shape you want! When it comes to liners, we recommend using liquid liners as crayons are more likely to smear. Plus, felt-tip liners allow for more precision for that perfect flick!


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5. Complement your bold frames with an equally bold lip.

When it comes to pairing glasses with lipstick, it’s go big or go home! Shades naturally bring my attention to the eyes, so a strong lip can help restore the balance in your look. Keeping in mind the tone of your frames, a bold red or even a matte nude can really bring your look together!

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And it’s as easy as that! Now go out there and rock those frames ladies– we believe in you!

Isabelle is a third-year Gaucho who has never met a dog she didn't like. She's tackling a double major in Communication and Psychology as well as minors in Art & Technology and Education. In her free time, Isabelle enjoys sipping boba, snapping photos, and spending time with her amazing partner.
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