5 Cutest Pups to Follow on Instagram

Make-up, food, celebrities, and vacation locations - the list of different Instagram accounts you can follow seems endless! Well it's time to add puppies to that list! Everybody loves Dog Therapy Day on campus, so why wait until once every quarter when you can see some cute pups every day? Here are some accounts you should check out to brighten your day:

1. @sir.bowser

Who could resist this sweet little Frenchie?!

2. @bradythegoldenpup

Golden Retrievers are a very loyal breed. Plus look at how peaceful they look when they sleep!

3. @buddy_dachshund

Weenie dogs may be small, but they have big personalities!

4. @scholesthecorgi

Everyone seems to go crazy over Corgi booties! Can you blame them though? So cute!

5. @pups_of_islavista

Check out this page to see some of the cutest pups in our very own neighborhood! Maybe you'll even get lucky enough to meet one while out for a walk!

A puppy a day keeps the sadness away!