5 Astrology Instagram Accounts to Follow

No matter your personal views on astrology, it is hard not to see something about your sign and think “oh that is so me.” So why not fill your Instagram feed with people who seem to totally get who you are based on how the stars were positioned when you were born?

  1. 3. @sanctuarywrld

    While having an aesthetically-pleasing theme, this account breaks down the various aspects of peoples charts in easy to understand ways. A great account to follow for someone interested in understanding astrology aside from just a basic understanding of sun signs.

  2. 5. @spicygeminimemes

    A lot of times astrology can get a bad rap for the incorrect assumption that it explains everything and your life is set in stone based on the stars. This account works to address these preconceived notions on astrology and its role in peoples lives while also having a laugh at the different signs.

Go forth and fill your Instagram feed with accounts that cater to you by completely understanding how you feel about topics ranging from people to work based on where the stars were when you were born.