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5 Alternatives to a Spring Break Vacation

Is the traditional tropical spring break break vacation out of your budget or just not really your thing? Don't worry, there are still many other affordable, fun options to spend your time away from school. 

1. Stay-cation

Vacations don't necessarily have to be in some far off place that requires a flight and money out your pocket; paradise can be found in your very own town or city. Whether you are going back home or staying in Santa Barbara for the break, take the time to explore different attractions and sight-see the place you call home. There are many city travel guides and day-trip guides to be found on Pinterest to help you plan your ultimate staycation. If you are staying in Santa Barbara try going kayaking downtown, visiting the local museums, going on a hike, or taking a day-trip to Solvang, the nearby Danish-style village. 

2. Airbnb

You've probably heard of the app Airbnb which lets you rent various forms of housing for affordable prices. It's as easy as gathering a group of friends, picking any destination you've always wanted to go to, searching for the Airbnb of your dreams, and literally just picking up for bags and going. You avoid the hassle of hotel fees and are allowed the flexibility of renting a place with a kitchen and any other amenities you desire. There are some pretty cool Airbnb options such as tiny houses, cottages, cabins, and whatever else you can think of. Just be careful to read reviews and do some research on the location. 

3. Volunteer

Want to do something meaningful with your time during the break? There are many charities and humanitarian organizations that arrange for college students to volunteer their time to a cause during spring break. These volunteer trips could be more local or in nearby countries in need. Charities and organizations that run these programs include Habitat for Humanity, United Way Worldwide, and Projects Abroad. Take the time to research what causes are most meaningful to you and whether there are costs involved. Donating your time in this way can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. 

4. Visit Friends

Isn't being with your friends what makes a spring break trips awesome to begin with? Try planning to visit your friends if they live in a different city or state than you and asking them to show you around their city. Since you would be staying with a friend, lodging costs are pretty much free and you are still afforded the adventure of exploring a new place. 

5. Road Trip

Road trips can be the perfect spring break alternative because you can tailor the destinations to however long you want your trip to be and you can visit many different places in a cost effective way. Whether you want to travel down the Pacific Coast Highway or cross the country, all you need is a car, good friends, and a feel-good road trip playlist. 

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Leah is a 3rd year student attending the University of California, Santa Barbara pursuing a double major in Communication and Sociology. When she's not tagging her friends in memes, she enjoys watching YouTube makeup gurus and attending music festivals (when she can afford them). She hopes to pursue a career in the field of social marketing and/or public relations. Follow her on Instagram at @itsleaah!
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